MineHunt++ for Palm OS

Find all the mines hidden on the playing field

Minehunt++ is good old minehunt with a few added features to make it playable:

  • Clear known safe cells quickly
  • Play with anywhere from 1 to 99 mines
  • Scratch to mark mines
  • Two different scoring methods
  • A high score table
  • A game clock
  • Probes

There are mines hidden in the playing field. The objective is to locate and mark all the mines. The number of mines is displayed to the right of the mine icon at the top of the screen. The duration of the game, in seconds, is displayed to the right of the clock icon. The playing field is made up of square cells. To uncover a cell, tap it. If the cell contains a mine, the mine blows up and the game is over. If the cell is empty, the number of adjacent mines is revealed.

To mark a cell as mined, tap on it and slide the stylus off the edge of the cell. This is called scratching. The mine counter at the top of the display will update to indicate the number of mines that remain unmarked. Take care not to lift the stylus until you have crossed over the edge of the cell, or you will detonate the mine you intended to mark. To mark a cell as unknown, scratch a second time. To remove marks, scratch a third time.

You can quickly uncover all unmarked cells around an already cleared cell. Mark all neighboring mines, then tap on the cleared cell. If you marked a mine in error, this procedure will likely be fatal.

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